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It's about TONE... 

It's about QUALITY...


Around 1998 I decided to buy an old beat up Fender Bassman Blackface head and see
what I could do to learn and modify. It cost about $225.00 and I figured what’s the
worst thing that  could happen? I blow it up. I purchased about a dozen tube
electronics books from the 1930’s to the 1960’s as well as modern electronics college
level texts. I treated this educational undertaking with a passion, studying for hours
every day. I have completed home study college level electronics courses with honors.
I taught myself calculus so I could understand equations beyond Ohm's Law.
I started  modding the old Bassman head, always getting some friends to come
over and verify I was in the right direction. After a year or so, some friends started
asking me if I could mod their amps. I agreed and took a chance. After  years of study
and experiments I gained the confidence to proudly do mods,  repairs and eventually
do my own builds. I now have a large client base that  extends from the 5 boroughs of
New York City through Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, parts of New Jersey.
I service professionals, semi professionals as well as week end warriors. I have repaired hundreds and hundreds of amps over the years. I don’t claim to have reinvented the amplifier  wheel. What I do best is borrow ideas from many different places, associate them  together in to a new place of my own. I work alone,
building 1-3 amps per week.  I have developed my own system for consistency. Current
production models are identical to each other in all details. The expertise that I have
gained over the years in combination with my ear, allows me to take what people
describe in  words and turn it into amplifier reality. Call today to make your amp a reality.

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