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Guitar Amplifier Switcher 

  • Facilitates using 2 amps up to 60 watts into 1 speaker cabinet or load box.

  • Red and green LED indicators light between amp 1 and amp 2.

  • It will switch the input from one amp to the other while putting an 8 ohm load on the amp not selected. So both amps can stay on without fooling around with cables.

  • True Bypass.

  • It uses 9vdc center negative power. Same as your pedal board or most wall warts designed for this purpose.

  • 10"L x 2.75"W x 1.89"H

  • This is a desktop version. A stomp switch version and a 120 watt version are also available.

  • 60 watt version $299.00

  • 120 watt version 259.00

Plus sales tax if New York State resident

  and or shipping.

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