Blues Senior Combo Non Reverb 

Available as a combo or a fully working, 

easy to install chassis to fit any Blues Junior cabinet

Hand wired and assembled in a Rocknroll Amps direct replacement chassis. 

 The circuit offers clean gigging power with lots of headroom to let your pedal board 

do the work. 8 ohms. Hand made circuit board. American made transformers.

Correct facing face plate, JJ tubes, power tube retainers, Switchcraft input and speaker jack, 

Carling on-standby-off switch,  adjustable bias. 
Volume, treble, middle, bass, 3 way bright switch.
Circuit is based on blackface but tweaked to perfection for high headroom, 

brilliant highs and solid lows.

Cabinet is all pine sides, top and bottom. Cabinet is 2" wider than a 

standard Blues Jr. Prices based on Black tolex and wheat grill cloth, plastic handle,

metal glide feet and Eminence V128. Weighs about 34 pounds as 30w or 40w. 

If optional Eminence Lil Texas, weight goes down to 30 pounds. The lower wattage amp with the optional Lil Texas can go down to about 27 pounds.

Available as :

​Blues Senior

​Complete combo no reverb

​2 EL84 (16W) with Eminence V128 $1519.00

4 EL84 (30w) with Eminence V128  $1569.00

​2 6V6 (22W) with Eminence V128   $1519.00

4 6V6   (40w) with Eminence V128  $1569.00

2 6L6   (40w) with Eminence V128  $1569.00

4 6V6  (50w)  with Eminence V128  $1619.00

2 6L6  (50w)  with Eminence V128  $1599.00

​Add $45.00 for Eminence Lil Texas

Any amp with 4 power tubes can have a half power switch added for $50.00

Shellac on tweed $55.00