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This links below are from an open mic jam. 4-6V6 Blues Senior. OCD pedal and #ArenaReverb.

Rocknroll Amps is proud to announce a new concept in Blues Junior modification. Just unscrew your chassis, and screw the Blues Senior in to your cabinet. All you need is a screwgun or screw driver. Will also work with Mojotone replacement cabinets.
Hand wired and assembled in a Rocknroll Amps direct replacement chassis. This chassis is thicker steel than the stock unit. The circuit offers clean gigging power with lots of headroom to let your pedal board do the work. 8 ohms. New hand made circuit board. American made transformers. All new pots, face plate, tubes, tube sockets, power tube retainers, Switchcraft input and speaker jack, on-standby-off switch, power cable, adjustable bias. JJ tubes.
Volume, treble, middle, bass, 3 way bright switch.
Circuit is based on blackface but tweaked to perfection for high headroom, brilliant highs and solid lows.
Literally unscrew your amp chassis and screw this in, connect your speaker and it is ready to go.
Available as :

2  EL84 (15w) 8 ohms

4  EL84 (30w) 8 ohms

2  6V6   (22w) 8 ohms

4  6V6   (40w) 8 ohms

2  6L6    (40w) 8 ohms

2  6L6    (50w) 8 ohms


Working chassis prices no reverb:

2 EL84 (15w) $769.00
2 6V6 (22w) $769.00
2 6L6 (40w) $779.00
4 EL84 (30w) $799.00
4 6V6 (40w) $799.00

​2 6L6 (50w) $829.00
​4 6V6 (50w) $849.00

All with - 2 12AX7 and 1-12AT7


Blues Senior Reverb working chassis

complete with reverb tank and cables:

2 EL84 (15W) 969.00

4 EL84 (30W)  $999.00

2 6V6 (22W)  $969.00

4 6V6   (40W)  $999.00

2 6L6   (40W)  $999.00

4 6V6  (50w)   $1049.00

2 6L6   (50W)  $999.00

All with 2 -12AX7 and 2 -12AT7

optional switch  to  shut off 2 tubes for 1/2 power (only available in 4 power tube models)
optional cathode bias
optional 4, 8 ohms

The 4 6V6 model can also run 2 6L6 with rebias.
Shipping and packaging is extra. NYS residents pay sales tax.
Many sound clips and other videos available on and Rocknroll Amps page.
The 2 youtube video links below are a compilation of sound files recorded and performed by Dennis Delgaudio. Eminence V128 speaker. The first amp is a 4 EL84. Overdrive when used is an OCD pedal. Occasional trem and reverb. Some clips have NO effects.
Second amp is a 4 6V6. Overdrive when used is a Distortron. Occasional use of trem, reverb and delay. Some clips have no effects. If you click the youtube link, info about the individual clips is there.