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Blues Senior Reverb Combo

Black Carbon Fiber angle front3.jpg

Available as combo amp or fully working chassis to fit any Blues Junior cabinet

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Blues Senior Reverb
​Complete combo with Reverb and Eminence V128 or GB128
​2 EL84 (16W) $1689.00
2 6V6 (22W)  $1689.00
4 EL84 (30W) $1719.00
4 6V6   (40W) $1719.00
2 6L6   (40W) $1719.00
4 6V6   (50W) $1769.00
2 6L6   (50W) $1749.00
​Add $50.00 for Eminence Lil Texas

Amps with 4 power tubes can have optional 1/2 power switch add $50.00

Shellac on tweed add $60.00

Prices do not include shipping or packaging.

Sales tax will be collected for New York State residents.