‚ÄčRocknroll Amps

Custom Reverb D-Lux

Special order. All high end capacitors. There are many American made parts in this build I am proud to say. All high end American made Jupiter red Astron style coupling capacitors, Sprague Atom bypass capacitors, carbon composition resistors(non American), F+T electrolytic capacitors(Germany).
All circuit boards hand made here on Long Island. Classictone transformers made in USA. Faceplate, rear plate, chassis and cabinets are American made. Switchcraft jacks. And last but not least, designed, assembled, tested, marketed and sold here on Long Island.
These amps are built solid and should they ever need repair or maintenance, these amplifiers contain no secrets. They are completely, totally laid out so any competent technician can do a repair without the aid of a schematic. Point being, if I were not available to maintain or repair your amp, it can be done without pain by your next most favorite tech anywhere, any time