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Cosmic Sky

OD Senior

Available in different wattages, as a combo, a head, and a working chassis that will fit in any stock or aftermarket Blues Junior cabinet.
Rocknroll Amps version of a #102 Ford d inspired amp. 50w. Available with or without built in D lator with bypass switch. Send/return jacks and level controls. Bright push pull switch on volume. Mid boost push pull on mid control.  External overdrive trim pot. 2 position footswitch for od/clean, preamp boost. Rock-Jazz switch, 4, 8,16 ohm selector switch. Toggle switches that perform the same functions as the footswitch. This amp can be purchased as a working chassis which will fit in stock and aftermarket Blues Junior cabinets or as a head or combo cabinet.

Working chassis 50w 2299.00

Working chassis 50w with DLator active effects loop $2599.00

50w Head $2799.00

50w Head with DLator active effects loop $3099.00

50w Combo 112 with Celestion G12-65  $3099.00

50w Combo 112 with Celestion G12-65 and DLator active effects loop $3399.00


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