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Lil' Bastard 8w 10w

8w cathode biased, 10w fixed adjustable bias

​Nice breakup at a lower volume, natural power amp overdrive

Working chassis to fit in your Blues Junior cabinet $1239.00



Either 2 EL84 or 2 6V6

Other wattages are available.

Lil' Bastard combo 112 in Blues Senior cabinet  $1799.00 Eminence GB128

20w/17w (approx wattages)  head 1599.00 plus tax NYS resident.
20w/17w (approx wattages) combo with Eminence GB128 1859.00 plus tax NYS resident.
20w/17w (approx wattages) working chassis that fits a Blues Jr style cabinet 1299.00 plus tax NYS resident
This chassis will fit Blues Jr style cabinets
This style cabinet is no longer being made
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