Rocknroll Amps


Send your donor amp. It will be gutted out, reusing your tubes, transformers, chassis, cabinet and footswitch if you have one. If you don't have a footswitch it will be included as an accessory extra. Parts replaced  usually include filter caps, tube sockets, switches, jacks, wiring, and a new front faceplate. A new Rocknroll Amps circuit board(s) will be installed. If your tubes do not test well new tubes will be provided at additional cost. If your donor amp is EL34 based and you want 6L6 power tubes then the output transformer will need to be replaced and 6L6 tubes provided at additional cost. Same applies if your donor amp is 6L6 based and you want EL34 installed.

ODS Conversions

​Above used to be a 1967 or so Traynor PA head with 2 EL34. Now it is a D style OD Special in the famous 102 circuit, 2 6L6 with ClassicTone 2-4-8 ohm output transformer and choke. Built in  DLator buffered effects loop.  Check the Video section above for links to youtube.

Basic mod to convert to an ODS is $999.00 plus tax if NYS resident. You will ship your chassis and tubes and provide for return shipping. Your amp will be returned in your shipping carton using your materials so pack carefully with quality shipping materials. If Rocknroll Amps has to provide shipping materials to return ship the materials will be an extra charge.

Above was a late 1960's Fender Bassman that was purchased as a wreck.

If I remember correctly it becan an Overdrive Supreme 50w.