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  • Rocknroll Amps replacement/new build chassis for Blues Junior cabinet. This chassis will fit perfectly in to any Blues Junior style cabinet, Mojotone Blues Junior replacement cabinet or other brands.

  • Made of galvannealed steel to inhibit rust. Screws right in to existing holes. 

  • Power transformer cutout for Classic Tone 40-18041, Antique Electronic Supply, CE Distribution P-TF22723 or similar. 

  • 2 holes for Classic Tone 40-18003, Antique Electronic Supply, CE Distribution P-CF22699 or similar choke. 

  • 4 holes for Classic Tone 40-18020, Antique Electronic Supply, CE Distribution P-TF50438 output transformer.

  • 2 mounting holes for Classic Tone 40-18034 or equivalent reverb transformer

  • Pre punched for all the following items below:

  • 2 holes for reverb send and return jacks

  • Hole for reverb transformer wire pass through

  • 3-      3/4" pre amp tube sockets.

  • Let me know your power tubes, I will  pre punch for up to 4 power tube socket 3/4" or  1" holes or a mixture.

  • Heyco 1200 style strain relief

  • Antique Electronic Supply, CE Distribution S-H205 fuse holder or similar

  • Switchcraft style input jack and speaker jack or similar

  • 4 -      .28" holes for 15-16 mm potentiometers. If using 3/8" shaft pots you will  need to enlarge the holes with a drill.

  • 1-       1/4" hole for mini toggle switch

  • 1-       1/2" hole for Carling style power/standby toggle switch

  • 1-       .323" hole for LED similar to Lumex SSI-LXR9126SID110V

  • This is Not made for a Blues Junior circuit board or transformers.

  • $60.00 plus shipping. NYS residents add sales tax. Add 3% for paypal or credit card.

Blues Jr. style chassis 4 preamp tubes, up to 4 power tubes

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