Features for the Reverb D-Lux
Hand wired on a Custom Made G10 Eyelet Board
Precision made American chassis
American made transformers by Magnetic Components
Simple to use single channel amplifier
Tube driven Reverb
Bright switch –Bright on the Reverb D-Lux is just that, not Blackface please turn off the bright!

Reverb D-Lux 20-22 watt, Black tolex, 1-12 combo, 2 6V6, Cannabis Rex,  $1799.00

Reverb D-Lux 20-22w Head, Black tolex, 2-6V6, $1659.00

Reverb D-Lux 40 watt, 2-10 Combo, Black tolex, 2-6L6 $1659.00
Reverb D-Lux 40 watt head, Black tolex, 2-6L6 $1729.00

Reverb D-Lux 40 watt, Black tolex, 1-12 combo, 2 6L6, Cannabis Rex,  $1849.00

Reverb D-Lux 50/60 watt head, Black tolex, 2-6L6 $1749.00

Reverb D-Lux 50w, 112 combo, Black tolex, 2 6L6 $1899.00
Reverb D-Lux 50/60 watt, 2-10 Combo, Black tolex, 2-6L6 $1979.00
Reverb D-Lux 50/60 watt, 2-12 Combo, Black tolex, 2-6L6 $1999.00

Reverb D-Lux 25w 112 combo with 2-6L6, Mercury Magnetics

output transformer, higher capacity power transformer $1899.00
Call for Pricing on Custom Options...Let us Design Your Amp Today!
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Reverb D-Lux

Light weight American made cabinets  are dovetail jointed with pine sides, top & bottom. Baffle and back are furniture grade plywood.
Cabinets are extra deep for enhanced bass response. 
Controls include volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, bright switch.
Rear panel has On/0ff and standby switches, 2 speaker outs and reverb connections.
2-10 combo comes stock with Eminence Ragin’ Cajuns, CopperHeads, Lil Buddy or Legends
1-12 combo comes with Eminence Cannabis Rex
Buffered Effects Loop

Rocknroll Amps

The Reverb D-Lux loves pedals!
Improved filtering over Blackface amps of similar wattage reducing the usual flabby bass end, more focused tone. Includes Mid range control found only on higher wattage Blackface amps.
Variable internal bias control
Matched JJ power tubes
Eminence speakers stock, call for choices
Available as:15w 2-6V6,  20 watt 2- 6V6, 25w 2-6L6, 40 watt 2-6L6 , 50/60 watt 2-6L6
All have 2-12AX7 and 2-12AT7
1-12, 2-12 and 2-10 combo as well as heads are all available.
1-12, 1-15, 2-12, 410 and 2-10 extension cabinets are available.