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Tube Amp Repair



Speaker cabinet wiring

Speaker swaps

Guitar setups, electronics, custom switching, pickups installed, kill switches, treble bleeds, intonation, minor pedal repairs.
Rocknroll Amps is available for pedal board wiring, changes, modernizing, organizing

Vintage Fender, Ampeg, Traynor, Sunn, Marshall, HIWATT, VOX specialist. Bring in your vintage amp for a careful, respectful. tune up inspection, electrolytic cap change, retube, potentiometer cleaning, biasing.
Mods, upgrades to Fender Hot Rod Deville, Blues Deville, Hot Rod Deluxe , Blues Junior, Epiphone Valve Junior, Super Champ, etc.

Tube amps built to order.
Modification, maintenance and electronic restoration of Allen , Allesandro , Ampeg , Badcat , Bludotone , Blunote , Bray, Bruno , Budda , Cameron, Carr , Carvin , Ceriatone , Cornford , Demeter , Divided by 13 , Dr.Z , Dumble, Epiphone , Fargen , Fender , Friedman, Fuchs , Gibson , Gretsch, Hiwatt ,Jim Kelly , Juke , Komet , Laney , Louis Electric, Marshall , Matchless , Metropoulos , Milkman, Naylor , Park , Peavey , PRS , Red Plate , Silvertone , Supro, Tone King , Top Hat , Trainwreck , Traynor , Two Rock , Victoria , Vox, Wallace, 3 Monkeys ,65 Amps and MANY more.
Tuneups, tubes, biasing, recapping.
JJ tubes.

Strat style setup and intonation $55.00
Hard tail setup and intonation $50
Floyd rose $85.00
Jeff Beck Setup on strats $75.00 for American Standard trem
Jeff Beck setup $75.00 for Vintage style Strat trem
Bring your favorite strings.

If you have a strat or tele style guitar with bridge screws sticking you in the palm, bring your guitar in for a full setup and bridge height adjustment screw modification. Complete combo $75.00

5169025534 call or text

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