Rocknroll Amps

Available through All Music Inc.

The idea for the Brawler was to have a small package, light weight 112 combo with plenty of clean headroom.
The trend today is for more portable, lightweight, maximum headroom, pedal board friendly guitar amps.
The Princeton Reverb box is a familiar, comfortable, lightweight format. 
The Brawler is a 112, 35w-40w combo in Princeton  sized cabinet and chassis. Clean, light weight, simple, great tone that will maintain its own with unruly band members and loud drummers.
2-12AX7 1-12AT7 2- 6L6 Hand wired on custom made eyelet board
Solid state rectifier CTS pots
Fixed adjustable bias Switchcraft input and speaker jacks
Volume, treble, mid, bass, bright switch
8 ohm output 
External speaker jack
American made transformers, chassis and cabinet
JJ tubes
29 pounds with stock Eminence Legend 12-75
34 pounds with Celestion G12-65
$1399.00 with stock Eminence speaker
$1499.00 as shown with Celestion G12-65