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The Tweed Twanker

The Twanker is Rocknroll Amps take

on the Tweed Deluxe 5e3 amp.

Hand wired on  a modern G10 eyelet


Carbon composition resistors in

all the important places

CTS pots  Switchcraft jacks

All pine tweed lacquered cabinet

Celestion Blue Alnico

Master volume

3 way cathode bypass switch

Bright switch

On off and standby switch

Hammond transformers

15w output transformer

Enhanced filtering

1-12ax7  1-12ay7 preamp tubes

2-6v6 power tubes  1-5y3 rectifier

Hand wired as shown 1899.00

Point to Point preamp hand wired

power amp 1999.00.

Built to order

rear baffle removed_edited.jpg
front panel.jpg
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